Monday, July 21, 2014

An Island of Excitement!

Hannah and I are just finishing an amazing 10 day staycation together.  We spent the majority of it close to home and it was wonderful!!  Alarm clocks were turned off day 1 and for the majority of the 10 days we didn’t set times that we needed to be or do anything.  We went with the flow, relaxed, played games, read, watched TV, shopped, cleaned and more.  It was a treat as I tend to pack our normal vacations full from start to finish.  I want to do this again sometime!!

One of the first things we did plan though was a visit to Centreville with our friends Auntie K, Uncle J, K & G.  We met at the train Monday morning ready for a day of fun!  We visited Centreville together last year and had a blast and were hoping for a repeat experience this year!IMG_1433

The first ride of the day (season!) is always an exciting one!c1

Spinning tea cups.  I can do spinny rides within reason.  These sweet kiddos put us adults to shame with their spinning madness!c3

Even though this giraffe didn’t go up and down it was Hannah’s animal of choice on the carousel that attempted to break the sound barrier it spun so quickly!c7

The Ferris Wheel has always been a favourite of Hannah’s since she was just a toddler but this time it tickled her tummy a bit more than she was happy with.   It was a 1 Ferris Wheel ride for us this year.c9

The other times we happily waited for our friends to enjoy more rides round and round.  Auntie K snapped this pic from the Ferris Wheel of Hannah and Mommy sharing some snuggles.  A great trade off instead of a ride for sure!!c20

As in the past the kids were excited to ride the fire engines and cars and oh did they take their driving responsibilities seriously!  We can only hope they’re like this when they grow up. Smilec11c18

Hands down our favourite ride of the day was the log flume!  We lost track of the number of times we rode this rides but it would have involved counting on fingers and toes for sure!  Uncle J showing his respect to the photographer!IMG_1469

While Mommy lumbered into and out of the log each ride, Hannah mastered her own entrance that was entertaining to watch.

One of the last rides of the day for the kids to enjoy was the pony rides and they were a huge hit for all 3 kiddos!c16

Time for a train ride.c19

At one point we took a walk around the island and out on a pier.  Hannah and Mommy 2014c21 - Copy

and back in 2010 taken during our very first visit to Centre Island!!Imported Photos 00091

Sadly our great day had to come to an end.  I am so glad that this has become an annual tradition for our families!  Here is our beautiful skyline with our ferry in the distance.IMG_1481

Clever Auntie K created a movie of our wonderful day!  She’s so talented!!

Thank you for another amazing day Auntie K, Uncle J, K & G!  We’ll make sure it happens again in 2015!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Alisha’s Walkathon

Saturday Hannah and I met a walking, talking miracle!  1 year ago now we were praying for my co-worker and friend’s daughter, Alisha.  1 year ago she was in a tragic tubing accident that almost claimed her life.  She was air lifted from Muskoka to Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto barely clinging to life at the time.  After spending 6 weeks in a medically-induced coma she needed to relearn many of those things we take for granted.  Her right arm had been crushed and she sustained sever head trauma.

Now, only one short year later she is walking, talking and more!  She has started dancing again which is her first love and what she had graduated from college doing only weeks before her accident.    She spent 2 1/2 months at Sunnybrook and then 2 additional months at a rehab centre.  She shared Saturday that when she went to the rehab centre there were over 200 patients there and she was only 1 of 3 who were able to walk!   Part of that is why she decided a walkathon was a great way for her to raise money to support Sunnybrook Trauma Emergency Critical Care Program!

Hannah and I had fun visiting Alisha’s fund raiser and contributing to such a worthy cause!  Alisha was so sweet with Hannah and encouraged her to try the children’s stations that they had prepared. 

Alisha and Hannah at the ring toss.IMG_4171 (2)

Trying out the duck pond.


Mmmm…cotton candy!  A favourite of Hannah’s for sure!!IMG_4178

Alisha, we are so thankful that God answered the prayers of many and that your recovery has been so amazing!  Your outgoing, positive personality will take you far and I know you will be an amazing encouragement to many throughout your life as you continue to share your story with others.  Your fund raiser was a fun way for us to spend a Saturday afternoon and a treat to meet you in person and hug the gal Hannah and I prayed for so often last summer.   All the best as you return to school in January!  You will be a great social worker who will truly be able to relate to those you are working with!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Vacation Bible School

Last week Hannah and a number of her friends went to Vacation Bible School at our church and they had a blast!  I helped with VBS for a number of years before Hannah was born and it was always one of the highlights of my year!  This year I was super excited that Hannah was old enough to attend!  There were over 465 kiddos and 150 staff who attended each day and 68 of those were JK grads just like Hannah.  What an exciting week!

Each day she came home excited to tell me about what she’d done and I heard her singing the songs too.   It was neat that 3 of her good friends not only were at VBS but were at her table so they spent the entire week together!

I took this pic the first morning.  Hannah and Chick were excited but little Pea wasn’t too sure.  By the next morning all 3 were excited to go to ‘camp’!VBS 2014

Friday was family day so I took the day off work.  We dropped the kids off at VBS and K1 and I skipped all the way to the coffee shop!  A morning to ourselves to visit?  Woo hoo!!

VBS 2 2014VBS 3 2014

At 11 K1 and I headed back to the church to enjoy what the kids had been preparing all week!


I have already started to think about the dates of next year’s California trip so that we can go there and also be here the week of VBS!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Cottage Time 2014 ~ Family is Precious

Friday morning at the cottage the children’s ministry teams shared what they’d been learning in their groups with parents and families in chapel.  Hannah and Makenna dressed in their princess finery and were both excited to be on stage. IMG_4045 

For dinner that night we treated ourselves to turkey dinner in the dining hall.  Mmm!  What a sweet family time together and once again we were joined by royalty.IMG_4057

As the girls waited for dinner they played one of Hannah’s favourite restaurant games.IMG_4058

Mom and DadIMG_4060

Dave, Trish and KallenIMG_4066 (2)

Mommy and HannahIMG_4065

After supper we took time for an impromptu photo shoot.  Grandma and some of her girlsIMG_4071

Dave, Trish, Makenna and KallenIMG_4073

I love my SIL!IMG_4077

The 4 girls ended the evening by going to the drive-in in the golf cart to see Frozen.  Just us and 10,000 mosquitos!!!IMG_4092

Saturday was our last full day together.  IMG_4039

The girls were inseparable all week long as I’m sure these posts have shown!IMG_4046 - Copy

The weather finally cooperated on Saturday to head back to the beach so that’s exactly what we did!IMG_4102

There is a modesty policy at the camp but I don’t think anyone told Kallen!  LOL!!  What do you do when 0-3 month shorts are falling off your sweet 21 month old nephew?  They don’t make clothes any smaller than these.  He sure is adorable running around the beach and causes many to smile as he zooms by!IMG_4098

Saturday evening BBQ with Grandma and GrandpaIMG_4107



We celebrated our final cottage evening together with Campfire Cones before the girls settled in on the couch and the adults sat down to one final game of Life.

IMG_4122 (2)

Hannah and I had an amazing week at the cottage with our family!  Although we were sorry to miss our regular trip to CA, it was a special treat to spend this week with our family at the cottage!


Mom and Dad are at the cottage for 2 more weeks and Dave and his family at the trailer for 1 more.  Hannah and I will head back shortly to visit Nana and Papa at their trailer for a few days.  We love our family!!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hannah’s First Sleepover!! Err….Half Sleepover!

Last week Hannah was invited to spend a night with her cousin Makenna at their trailer!  This was a big step for both of us as it would be the very first night we’ve ever been apart from one another since Nov 2, 2009!!  I’ve known for a while that it was time for her to spend a night somewhere just in case something ever happened that I couldn’t be with her for a night but I just couldn’t bring myself to arrange it.  When she was invited by her cousin and was super excited, I knew the night had come!

In the afternoon when we got back to the cottage she quickly disappeared upstairs.  I went up to see what she was doing and had to giggle (and celebrate) that she was packing for a night of fun with her cousin!  Mommy was starting to get used to the idea of her going but Hannah, she was already all in!  From what she packed there were games and fun but no nightgown or toothbrush.  Heh!  I helped pack a second bag so that she had all that she needed.IMG_4023

After supper we headed up to Makenna’s trailer.  Do you think she was excited??IMG_4024

We were there only minutes when Hannah was unpacking and settling in for the night.  The girls enjoyed playing with their LeapPads during snack time.  (On a side note, the LeapPad is one of the best toys I ever bought for Hannah!  More than 3 years later she still plays in on a regular basis and each times she does not only is she having fun but she’s learning!  If you have a 3-7yo I’d highly recommend a LeapPad!)IMG_4033

The girls settled into their beds and each Mommy did her bedtime routine with her girl.  After we finished Hannah’s prayers and gave her a bunch of kisses, I told her I’d be back in in a few minutes to check on her and when I went back in 5 mins later, this is how I found my girl:  Sleeping peacefully.  Awe!IMG_4035

The girls were settled so now it was time for the fun to start for the adults.  I’d never played ‘Life’ before but quickly became hooked.  Board games are something I really enjoy and it was great to have my brother and SIL to play with!IMG_4037

About 12:30 we finished the game and after one final check on the girls and leaving my girl with a kiss, David drove me down to mom and dad’s cottage in the golf cart.IMG_4038

I was happy that Hannah was enjoying this special time with her cousin but I was missing my girl for sure! 

I fell asleep to be woken by my dad shortly after that to hear that Mom wasn’t feeling well and he was taking her to the hospital.  My mom has had a rough spring and has been tested for numerous things but they just cannot pinpoint the problem.  This night she had a pounding headache that she just couldn’t battle any longer.  Dad went to get the van while I walked mom up the hill and then they headed off to the hospital. 

I was able to sleep a little bit after praying for mom and dad but it was fitfully and I was woken at 3:05 when my phone rang.  I quickly answered it (Dave said in less than 1 ring!) to hear Dave say, ‘Hi’ and hear my sweet girl gasping for breath in the background which is common after a ‘big cry.’  I reassured her I was coming, threw a hoodie on top of my nightgown for the second time in less than an hour, and headed up the hill to my car and then drove up to the trailer.  When I arrived she was awake and happy – as were Kallen, Makenna, Dave and Trish!  oops! 

I updated Dave on what was happening with mom and we tried to figure out if he should head to the hospital.  A quick text to dad reassured us that she was being cared for and that we wouldn’t be able to get in to them anyway.  So….we prayed!

Hannah and I thanked them for her first (half) sleepover and made our way back to Grandma and Grandpa’s cottage.   We were both wide awake by this time and it took quite a while for us to fall asleep.  Hannah because she was thankful to be home and mommy because I was concerned about Mom and Dad.

Around 4:45 Dad texted to say that they hadn’t found anything wrong with mom, had given her meds for her headache and they were on their way home.  A short while later I headed up the hill one more time to wait for them to arrive and help mom down the hill while dad parked the van.  LOL – 5am and my third trip up the hill since midnight!  The was one night I was sorry the cottage is located at the bottom of this beautiful hill!  (The house at the top is located about half way up.)IMG_3998

I did get to see a beautiful sunrise though! Sunrise

So…once Mom and Dad were home safe and Hannah was sleeping peacefully, so did I.  It was an unusual night but most of all I am thankful that Mom was feeling better.  Please pray with me that they will figure this thing out so that we can go back to life as we know it!

We all slept in until shortly before 10 and then Hannah wanted to go to her group.  As we were walking there she reassured me how much she’d enjoyed her half-sleepover and wondered if she could have another ‘half-sleepover’ soon!  Ummm…let’s work on a full sleepover sweetie!  I don’t think this Mamma can take too many of these crazy nights!

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