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Disney 2015 ~ Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney)

(Thurs, Sep 17, 2015)

Thursday was a day of flexibility and change.  We had originally planned to go to Animal Kingdom (AK) but woke up to the 1 rainy day of our trip.  Since Hannah had requested that we skip AK this trip and the weather wasn’t cooperating we decided to do some other things.  Dave and Trish had a ‘down day’ planned so these changes also gave us an opportunity to spend some time together since we’d spent the majority of the previous couple of days apart.

We started with breakfast at our resort then a swim in the Hippy Dippy pool.IMG_8710


After this we boarded a bus and made our way to Disney Springs (DS)which was in it’s final days as Downtown Disney as it was formerly renamed to Disney Springs last week.  Our families each set off in different directions with plans to meet for lunch a couple of hours later.  Since it was still raining Hannah and I headed to the Lego Store and hung out there in the ‘create’ area for an hour or so.  My girl was in her glory and I was determined to build something other than the only thing I knew how to build….a rectangle house with possibly a window and door.  This was Hannah’s final creation which I thought was neat with all the clear blocks.IMG_8727

This is Mommy’s flower garden…minus a rectangle house.  Woot!IMG_4399

On our way to lunch we noticed that many of the signs had already been changed to ‘Disney Springs.’IMG_8730

This picture was taken on a new walking bridge that saved us a lot of steps.  For those familiar with DS/DD it goes from the area near Rainforest Cafe and goes over to the Lego Store.   We used this bridge often while we were there.

Although a little blurry I like imagining what was happening while the girls played together.  They are the best of friends and I am so thankful for how close they are!IMG_8733

After lunch it was time to browse around some of the stores as well as pick up a few souvenirs but first it was picture time at our traditional spot.  I can’t begin to count the number of pictures we’ve taken in this exact location!IMG_8737

Here are but a few….

Apr 2010Apr 2010

Feb 2011Feb 2011

Aug 2012Aug 2011

Aug 2013 with my Aunt Chris, Uncle Tim, Cousin Bridget and her 6 kids.IMG_0692


Feb 2014 with Nana before our first Disney CruiseIMG_2160

Aug 2014Aug 2014

Back to this year’s trip.  After an afternoon of shopping fun with my girl we boarded a bus back to Disney’s Beach Club Resort.  We had a supper reservation at a new to us restaurant called the Beaches and Cream Soda Shop.   It’s a cute little shop with just 10 tables and 10 more spots at the soda bar.  Reservations are a must although there is a walk up counter for those without a reservation.  Hannah and I hoped to see someone order ‘The Kitchen Sink’ but they didn’t so we’ll have to go back again. Smile


It too a lot of no effort to convince Hannah that tonight’s supper would be nothing but ice cream!! IMG_8747


Oh yes!  We’ll return here another year for sure!

One of the ‘extras’ Hannah enjoys doing to Disney that we don’t often get to do elsewhere is to play mini golf.  We asked and were told that the mini golfing was ‘less than a mile away’ so we set off.  Can I tell you how thankful I was for the stroller that pushed so easily since ‘less than a mile’ was a good hike!  We made it but oh my, with a tummy full of ice cream it was a workout!  Guess it was a good way to wear off some of my peanut butter and chocolate sundae.IMG_8760

The theme of this mini golf location was the movie Fantasia.  Other than one hole that was in a cave, Hannah enjoyed it.  To skip the ‘scary’ hole we walked back from hole 8 to hole 1 and then backwards from 18 to 10.  Smile



I have no idea what our scores were but it would not be wrong to say we were well over 150 each! LOL!

We left mini golfing around 9pm which meant shortly into our walk Hannah was sound asleep.  (I love how safe I feel around Disney and was quite comfortable walking back to the Swan and Dolphin to begin our travels back to our resort.  I learned A LOT about Disney transportation and different routes this trip!!) 

So pretty at night!IMG_8762

This one’s for you Auntie Deb.IMG_8764

We took a boat from the Swan and Dolphin to Disney’s Hollywood Studios  and then a bus back to our resort from there.  My sleepy girl.  We go hard at Disney and one of the reasons we can is because she sleeps when she needs to.  Sweet ice cream dreams my love.IMG_8768

Tomorrow….back to Epcot!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Disney 2015 ~ Magic Kingdom ~ Day 2

(Wed, Sep 16, 2015)

After going hard the first 3 days in the parks we started today slower.  We slept in a bit, took our time getting ready and then stopped at the store at our resort.  Hannah had brought some pins for Pin Trading and was excited for her first trade with a Cast Member!IMG_8653

Another new thing Hannah and I wanted to try this trip was Tonga Toast at Capt. Cooks at the Polynesian Resort.  It is a large slice of sour dough bread, stuffed with bananas, dipped in French Toast batter, deep friend and then dusted with cinnamon and sugar!  As with the majority of our counter service meals, we shared this and still were not able to finish it.IMG_8656 

We both decided it was good but not something we would necessarily rush back to try again. 

Before leaving the Polynesian we did a little shopping in their stores as Hannah had some spending money that she had saved up for our trip.  The second purchase she chose was this adorable Baby Pluto.  She is a stuffy lovin’ gal and I never mind her purchasing them as I know they will be cherished and receive much love.  IMG_8665

We were on our way to the Magic Kingdom for the day so we hopped onto the monorail and rode the 2 stops to get us there.  (Even at 6yo Hannah uses a stroller at Disney when she wants a break.  Since she’s older I rented a City Mini GT from Orlando Stroller Rentals and it was worth every penny!  We go hard at Disney and having a good stroller is a must for us as most nights she was asleep before we get back to our room.)IMG_8654

We rode a Disney classic…IMG_8666


plus  Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  Hannah was cute as she tried to look ‘cool’ at the beginning but the swoops, curves and hills soon had her giggles going!

Disney has begun to add a number of interactive queues that gives kids (and adults) things to do while they wait like this one at the Winnie the Pooh ride. 

As we waiting Hannah made friends with this sweet little girl from Scotland.IMG_8669

We ended our day with another new dining opportunity and I’ll say it was the one I was most looking forward to and it didn’t disappoint:  Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue!  When we arrived we were excited to be seated close to the stage.IMG_8671

The entertainment was great

and the food was delicious.IMG_8676

Strawberry Shortcake anyone?IMG_8686

Hannah belly laughed her way through the evening and about half way through the show she declared that this needs to become a new tradition!  I agree baby…I agree!IMG_8696

The next time you visit Walt Disney World, Hannah and I highly recommend you attend the Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue!!

Disney 2015 ~ Hollywood Studios

(Tues, Sep 15, 2015)

Hannah and I were up bright and early on Tuesday morning and made our way to Disney’s Hollywood Studios (DHS) to sign Hannah up for Jedi Training that she would participate in later in the day.  Once we had secured a spot for her we parked her stroller and headed back out of the park.  We boarded a boat IMG_8593and on this bright, sunny day made our way to the Beach Club Resort to go to the character breakfast at Cape May Cafe.   So bright and pretty!IMG_1406

The food was delicious at this breakfast buffet (can you say banana, strawberry and chocolate crepes?)IMG_1404 and the characters were fun in their beach attire.



The Beach Club Resort is located near Epcot in a beautiful location.IMG_8601

We made our way back to DHS and stopped for pictures on Hollywood Boulevard with it’s new look of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre at the end of it.  IMG_8606

It was now for Hannah’s Jedi Training so we made our way to her Padawan Training.IMG_8610

She did well learning her moves as a Padawan


but then this happened and my girl was outta there faster than you can say ‘No way baby!!!’

I was so proud of my girl for trying this and totally supported her quickly exiting the stage, ‘Because I don’t know him too well!’ 

Hannah was excited to try ‘Star Tours’ again this year (we tried it a couple of years ago but she didn’t like it) but this year it was a hit!  Afterwards she built her own droid.IMG_8633

One of Hannah’s favourite activities on a Saturday morning is to watch Disney Parks videos on YouTube.  I like them because they’re fun and 100% safe so I can be comfortable with any that she chooses to watch.  One she enjoyed watching was about the ‘PB and J Milk Shakes’ available at the 50’s Primetime Cafe.  It was surprisingly yummy!IMG_8635

On our way to watch Fantasmic we stopped to ride Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster.  It’s a really fast roller coaster with loops and barrel rolls all in the dark but Hannah wanted to give it a try.IMG_8636

She was excited to just barely meet the 48” height requirement.IMG_8637

She did well and there weren’t any tears afterwards but she also declared she doesn’t want to ride it again until she’s a teenager!  This was her post RRC face!IMG_1424

Our final event of a great day was watching Fantasmic which we both really enjoy.  As the final scene emerged my heart swelled even more for my sweet, amazing, wonderful girl!!!  She was beyond excited to see all the characters as you’ll hear in her voice but it was her words that melted me!  Her heart was with her cousin and best friend Makenna who hadn’t been able to stay for the show.  She exclaims, ‘Oh I can’t tell Makenna this!  I can barely tell Makenna this!  Makenna will be so upset!’ 

I love hearing Hannah’s excitement as she found Mulan and other favourite characters.

Another wonderful day with my girl and as was common, she crashed as soon as she hit the stroller.  Sweet Disney dreams baby girl!IMG_8652

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