Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Disney Cruise 2015–And We’re Off!!

After a year of planning and excitement the time for our family cruise was finally here!!  There were 7 in our travel group:  Grandma, Grandpa, my niece Rebecca, Nana, Papa, Hannah and I.   Sharon (Nana) and I had booked this trip while we were onboard the Fantasy last February and we’d shared a wonderful year of anticipation together.

Since we live in an area where weather is unpredictable in the winter we left home 2 days before our sailing date.  We drove to Buffalo on Wed, Feb 18th and then flew to Ft. Lauderdale on Thurs, Feb 19th.  Hannah and Papa with our luggage.  Well…luggage for 1/2 our group!  LOL!!IMG_6363

Breakfast at the airport before our early morning flight.IMG_6365

In the end, the unpredictable weather was in Ft. Lauderdale!  The final bit of our flight was filled with turbulence as we landed during extremely windy weather and it was c-c-c-chilly!  We had a bit of a wait for our hotel shuttle and there was warmth in numbers.IMG_6367 - Copy

Our original plan had been to take a water taxi ride to see the Ft. Lauderdale shore but between the wind and cold we nixed that in about 2.5 seconds!  There really wasn’t much near our hotel so it was a pretty quiet afternoon.  We went for a walk to find lunch and came across this barbershop that made us laugh!  I noticed a guy standing on the sidewalk drinking a beer (which isn’t something we normally see at home) but then realized why.  Larry posed for a pic in front of the shop window.   Larry pre cruise

My thought is that the barber didn’t have a lot of faith in their haircuts so wanted to offer an incentive.  Winking smile

After a delicious dinner at a nearby German restaurant we settled in early, excited for all that Friday would entail!  We were up early and enjoyed breakfast at the hotel before packing up and heading to the Port of Miami.IMG_6370

Up next…All Aboard!!!IMG_6371

Monday, March 02, 2015

How Can It Be? Hannah is 6!!! Happy, Happy Birthday Hannah XiaoFen!!!

Before my eyes were even open Friday morning I heard the sweetest voice singing out, ‘It’s…..my…..birthday!!!’  Oh how excited she was and rightly so!  6 years old and so much to celebrate!!

Following a tradition started a few years back, balloons were flying to start her day of celebrations!IMG_3290

I was thankful to have the day off work so I was with Hannah at school when they announced her birthday during the morning announcements.  I teared up as I saw her joy!

Hannah took Rice Krispie squares and juice boxes to share with her school friends.  Thankfully this was the final day of my holidays so while she was there I had the time to run around a do some final birthday party prep.

After picking her up at daycare we went to my parents place for a family birthday celebration for my sweet 6yo!  I decided to let Hannah have full choice of the theme and menu.  Not surprising she chose a ‘Frozen’ theme.  Her menu was a fun glimpse into her favourite foods:

  • Caesar Salad
  • Cheezies
  • Doritoes
  • Black Olives
  • Green Olives
  • Fried Chicken
  • Mashed Potatoes with Gravy
  • White cake with a ‘Frozen’ theme and,
  • Vanilla Ice Cream

I think she made great choices!


It was such fun to celebrate with some of her cousins and her grandparents too! 



Rebecca (with a couple of her great friends)IMG_6947

She received many wonderful gifts but it’s safe to say that this one that she and Makenna received together was the hit of the party!!  I think they’re excited!!

Happy, happy 6th Birthday sweet Hannah XiaoFen!  Mommy loves you so very much!!!IMG_6958

All pooped out after a day of birthday fun.IMG_6973

Monday, February 23, 2015

We’re Having an Amazing Time!!!–Disney Cruise 2015

Hannah and I are having an amazing time on our family Disney Cruise!  Will post lots when we’re back on dry land.  Until then, here’s one of the many.IMG_6752

Now, it’s 11:30pm and I’m off to the Oceaneer’s Lab to see if I can convince her it’s time to call it a night!  LOL!! 

This is why she can last until 11:30.  Each night at supper Rolly (our main server) brings Hannah’s meal as soon as we arrive and then when he or Beata (our assistant server – they’re both wonderful!!) see her start to fade they pull 2 chairs together for Hannah and make up a bed and then cover her with a table cloth as a blanket.  She sleeps through the rest of supper and then is raring to go until midnight!  IMG_6746

Friday, February 20, 2015

All Aboard!!!

My plan is to unplug onboard ship so I’ll be in touch when we’re back on dry land.

We’re outta here…and we’re SOOOOOOOO excited!!!  Grand Cayman here we come!


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Gung Hay Fat Choi!

Happy New Year!

Hannah and I celebrated with a group of friends earlier this month and what fun we had!  Many of us became friends a number of years ago while we were waiting to become parents and now it’s a treat to celebrate with our children home!  I still marvel all the time at how blessed we are that God brought Hannah and I together in this most wonderful way to become a family!

It was sweet to look in and see some of the girls gathered around listening to a story being read to them.  (At first I thought it was a CNY story but then I looked closer and realized it was a ‘Frozen’ story.  No surprise there!)IMG_6291

After dining on an Asian potluck dinner, there was the gathering of red envelopes.   This was new to L but she caught on quick and as the most recently home member of our group, everyone oooed and ahhhed over her!  Welcome to Canada Baby L!!!IMG_6294

The kids disappeared after gathering their envelopes so after a few minutes I went to see where Hannah was.  This scene just made me giggle!  Red envelopes ripped open and coins everywhere. IMG_6298


The kids all took turns wearing the dragon as they paraded around playing musical instruments.  We’ve sometimes done this outside in the past but frigid temps easily determined this parade was happening in the warmth of the house!  (LOL…check out some of the boots!  There were almost 50 of us gathered together!  Oh how we cherish these friends who share similar stories to ours!)IMG_6311


Gung Hei Fat Choi from Hannah and I!IMG_6324

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